Rajavia al Aábel

Rajavia is the wild child, she rejects the control and direction of her family and is often found on the streets of Chélemby.


A little taller then her older sister she stands at about 5’9. She shares the familial red hair although hers is a far different shade from the rest of her siblings causing her to stand out when with them. She has for the last few years has preferred wandering the streets of Chelemby, over spending time at home. She runs unofficially with a street gang known as Gorik’s Brats, and her best friend Ranulf, has taught her to fight and survive in the shadows.


I am Rajavia, third child born to Ysele. My mother passed when I was 4 and I have very little memories of her. A short while later my father remarried, citing many reasons but the most important being that our youngest sister Rella needed a mother. And so for many years I was the odd child out; Rella was so young and took up much of our step-mothers time, Vilija and Bjorn had each other.

The color of my hair has always been a topic of discussion. When I was about 11 I over heard my father and step-mother talking about it. The servants, always speaking in hushed whispers when they knew I was around only served to widen the divide I already felt. This is when I started sulking through the shadows.

I started spending more time away from home, exploring the streets and alleys of the great city where we lived. It was on one such outing that I met Ranulf, after causing a distraction so one of the Brats could get away after filching an item from a vendor.

In the last few years I have spent much time with the Brats, learning to fight and to steal. It is something I enjoy, even though I know I should not. I have no real need to steal, but my time with Ranulf and the others gave me something I felt was missing at home…Perhaps a place to belong. Even when our brother Bjorn was declared dead, the brats offered me more comfort than my family, all the Aábel support seemed for Vilija and our father.

I have no doubt that Ranulf knows or at least suspect who I am, but he has his own secrets to keep and for now I am happy running with him, much step-mother’s great disappointment.

Now I, and my sisters are being summoned away to Tharda, a place foreign to me. Ranulf offered me a place to stay if I needed it, but I suspect if I don’t board the ship that the house guard will come looking for me, and I don’t want that. So i will go, and I will use the time to hone my craft before I return to my street family.

Rajavia al Aábel

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