Rella al Aábel

A young lass of 11, Rella is determined to follow in her aunt's footsteps as a Skârtkvýnè.


Rella is the youngest of the Aábel sisters. Much like her Aunt Ârien, Rella is determined to be a warrior. Even though she is only 11, she has studied survival, first aid and is determined to become unmatched in her skill with a bow. Never having known her birth mother, she has been raised as Dafyl’s own


My name is Rella and I am 11. I want to be a warrior like my Aunt Ârien, and I spend every day learning from her when she is home. Papi has also allowed me to train with our house guard and I am studying medicine and first aid. I love my bow, and I practice with it everyday. I love both my sisters, but I do not see Raja very much during the day, she is mostly home at night. Vilija is home a lot but she is always busy now that Bjorn is gone. I miss my brother, and I wish he was here.

Papi has sent a message and we are going to be travelling to see him. I am very excited. Aunt Ârien has been going over things that I will need to know for this trip incase something happens.

Step 1. Build a shelter
Step 2. Start a fire
Step 3. Food

I keep everything our aunt has told me in my journal, and I keep that with me everywhere I go.

Rella al Aábel

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