Taarbri alri Geldestaar

Jarl of Lorkin, a violent and depraved man.


Taarbri is 38 years old, a brutish and depraved man. He is well known for his particularly ugly appearance and his surly, uncouth mannerisms. Large scars marr his face and burn scars cover much of his scalp, leaving little of his blonde hair.

Taarbri is of average height but is very strong and quick. Years of viking have proven his excellence in war and raid. His violent battle rages have led to more of his victories that any use of cunning.

Taarbri became clanhead and Jarl when his father, Bjarl Geldestaar was found headless in his bed in 713.

Taarbri has four wives, and has sired fifteen offspring, nine sons and six daughters. Only nine children have survived until now. His eldest son, Astor Geldestaar is fostered at Shese with Clan Haidaar.

Selda Geldestaar is Taarbri’s first wife. She is the mother of Astor Geldestaar, Hrundle Geldestaar and Naarin Geldestaar.

Maeyan Geldestaar is childless. A political marriage with Clan Hulthard of Arone Keep brought her to Lorkin but it is rumoured that Taarbri has never shared her bed, due to her ugliness.

Allasyn Geldestaar is very beautiful, but is shunned by Taarbri because she has only birthed daughters, three who survive.

Kyli Geldestaar was the latest victim of the Spectre of Lorkin. She leaves behind a 5 year old daughter, Tyli Geldestaar and twin boys aged 3.


Taarbri alri Geldestaar

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