Tâber al Chéler

A sailor who rescued the girls from the Dak, the Grey Gull.


Tâber is an average looking fellow, a little shorter than most. He has dark hair and eyes. When asked for a last name he will say that he is “al Chéler”, of Chélemby. If pressed, he will admit that he is clanless, having been thrown out of his clan, at seventeen, for a very foolish prank on the Válhakâr’s third wife. If pressed extremely hard he will confess that the prank was slipping into the new wife’s bed in the dark and making sure that the clan’s duties were fulfilled.

During the storm he roused (well they were already awake) the girls and told them that the Captain Rurik had ordered them to safety in the Grey Gull’s pinda. On the way to the ship’s boat the sisters could see smoke billowing out of the cargo hold.


Tâber al Chéler

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